LIVE Trailer: Leo Will & Band (2016)

Ausschnitte vom Konzert in der Marlene

1. HE AIN'T YOU music and lyrics by Leo Will 

2. STUN ME music and lyrics by Leo Will 

3. IN DEINER WELT music and lyrics by Leo Will 

4. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER music and lyrics by Paul Simon, arr. inspired by Aretha Franklin 

5. FOR ALL WE KNOW music by J. Fred Coots, lyrics by Sam M. Lewis, arr. inspired by Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack 

6. STRAIGHTEN UP & FLY RIGHT music and lyrics by Nat King Cole and Irving Mills 

7. ZWEI GESICHTER music and lyrics by Leo Will 

8. DISAPPEAR IN THE SMOKE music and lyrics by Leo Will 

9. I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEE TO BE FREE music and lyrics Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas

Vocals: Leo Will Bass: Hervé Jeanne Drums/MD: James Simpson Guitar: Mo Jonas Keys: Robert Kesternich 

Video: Andreas Barkhoff Audio: James Simpson Datum: 29.09.2016

LIVE Snippet: I'm just a lucky so and so (2017)

Komposition: Duke Ellington Text: Mack David

Vocals: Leo Will Keys: James Simpson Saxophone: Alberto Menendez

Video: Stanley Becker Datum: 23.06.17

LIVE Snippet: No. 72 (2016)

Ausschnitt vom Konzert im Ihmerauschen

Komposition/Text: Leo Will 

Vocals: Leo Will Drums: James Simpson Bass: Johannes Keller Keys: Ruben Dietze

Video: Marco Heggen Datum: 26.01.16

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